frequently asked questions

what is World Heritage?

World Heritage sites are inscribed on the UNESCO List on the basis of their merits as forming a significant contribution to the cultural and natural heritage of the world. Their outstanding universal value is considered to go beyond national boundaries and to be of importance for future generations.

what is UNESCO?

UNESCO is the United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage was adopted by UNESCO in 1972. Since then 190 countries have ratified the treaty. The World Heritage List currently includes 962 properties in 157 State Parties.

what sort of places are selected?

Properties may be 'Cultural', 'Natural' or 'Mixed'. Cultural heritage refers to monuments, buildings and sites with historical, aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, ethnological or anthropological value. Natural heritage refers to outstanding physical, biological or geological features and includes habitats of threatened species, as well as areas with scientific, environmental or aesthetic value. Mixed sites have both cultural and natural values.

what are the photos used for?

Photos uploaded to the ourplacephotos website are used to promote World Heritage. They are used to educate and inform people about these wonderful places. Photos and comments posted on the website are moderated to ensure that they are suitable to promote World Heritage, and that they are not offensive to individuals or cultural groups. Ourplacephotos reserves the right to reject photographs due to commercial branding and technical issues. All members contributing photographs must agree to Creative Commons License with regards to distribution.

what is Our Place?

ourplacephotos is affiliated with the established Our Place World Heritage global photographic project - see www.ourplaceworldheritage.com

Our Place World Heritage has official partnership status with UNESCO and is creating the "world's first official World Heritage photographic database" in conjunction with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in Paris.

Our Place sends professional photographers on assignment to World Heritage sites around the globe to document them for the UNESCO and Our Place archives.

Our photos are used in official UNESCO publications; on the Our Place World Heritage website; for educational and research purposes, and in public photo exhibitions and displays worldwide.

Our own first book, "Places of Wonder and Discovery" is now available for purchase online through the Our Place World Heritage website. It features images of 50 WH sites, all taken by our team of professional photographers.

The aim of Our Place is to celebrate 'our place on our planet' through great and inspirational photography. We believe that good photography can inform and enthuse people about our shared global heritage, and hopefully inspire them to respect their own and others' cultural and natural resources.

Heritage sites, like all precious resources can exploited and lost forever, or preserved and protected for the enjoyment of future generations.

We hope that you will contribute your photographs and enthusiasm for this important global project. Sharing your photos can make a difference.

how is Our Place funded?

Our Place's principal source of funding is from international companies who want to establish the reputation of being good global citizens and decide to demonstrate this by joining Our Place in helping to preserve the world's collective cultural and environmental heritage. We also gain some funding from a variety of exhibitions we carry out around the world which showcase images taken by the Our Place official photographic team. These exhibitions also held educate our global community about the significance and value of our most prized World Heritage assets. 

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