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Woman Traveling Alone

suziet 3 Posts 6 Karma
suziet posted this 13 July 2011

Besides the do not go alone into alleys, any advice for someone like me? I am in my 40s and plan to travel around East Africa to celebrate my divorce.

Elena 1 Posts 2 Karma
Elena posted this 13 July 2011

I travels all the times in the World. Its a amazing to do. I keeps copy of my passport and other paper to friends and my email. Health insuracne also good. No sexy clothers on street. My photograph equipments I lock good and hire guide with group. Not alone. Dangerous.

Sammy 2 Posts 4 Karma
Sammy posted this 13 July 2011

hello suzie. my ex-girlfriend is a backpacker and she always told me the things that kept her safe:

  • Always tell someone back home your itinerary
  • Keep valuables with you
  • Don't call attention to yourself by carrying a big purse
  • Drive only during the daytime
  • Stay in touristy places. The crowd will keep you safe.

Good luck!


suziet 3 Posts 6 Karma
suziet posted this 14 July 2011

Thank you! After living in Brazil for six years I have ready to see more of the world! I should also visit other places. Growing up in Texas, things were different. I didn't even get to see most of the US.

El Matador 2 Posts 4 Karma
El Matador posted this 14 July 2011

En Spain, we love woman! Beatiful coutnry to travel. You come vist. smiley wink

Chim 2 Posts 4 Karma
Chim posted this 17 July 2011

My sister lives in Singapore and travels around SE Asia a lot on her own . It is a safe region to travel and many speak English. Safety is sometimes just common sesne. Good luck and safe travels. 

Post Edited 17 July 2011


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