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Up loading of fotos to this site`

jungleworld 2 Posts 4 Karma
jungleworld posted this 04 January 2012

Is any one having a problem loading or having your pending files not showing up in view files? I have 19 pending but it has been days sence I loaded them and they never show up. Can any one tell me why?


ourplacephotos 11 Posts 21 Karma
ourplacephotos posted this 23 January 2012

Hi Jungleworld,

Our apologies for the delay. Our office was shut down for the holidays and it was only recently that we got back. Everything has now been sorted and thank you for your patience.

Have a great 2012!



NaturalRunner 1 Posts 2 Karma
NaturalRunner posted this 02 October 2012
Hello Our Place !!!!!

Your idea is fantastic...
Greetings from Colombia, the land of best coffee of the word..   

since recently I'm using our place and have had many problems to upload photos, uploading achievement sometimes and sometimes not. " Click here to select up to 6 photos " sometimes it works and sometimes not, is impossible...

I have many photos you want to share with you all of our coffee cultural landscape of Colombia.

Thanks a lot......

ourplacephotos 11 Posts 21 Karma
ourplacephotos posted this 04 October 2012

Dear Natural Runner

Thank you for your feedback. We haven't experienced issues with upload problems. It may happen from time to time relative to factors outside our control such as broadband speed etc. Please keep trying to upload your best shots.

Kind regards

Our Place Photos

P.S. If there are others who read this that experience the same problems NaturalRunner is having please let us know.

UNESCOtravelers 1 Posts 2 Karma
UNESCOtravelers posted this 29 May 2014


I uploaded a profile pic and 6 pics for Historic Cairo. However, my profile pic hasn't changed, and neither do the 6 pics show as pending. I tried this today using both the latest versions of Chrome and FireFox to no avail. Please advise. Thank you. UNESCOtravelers.

Waqaskhan119329 1 Posts 2 Karma
Waqaskhan119329 posted this 05 September 2015

Help me 

milu_bd 3 Posts 11 Karma
milu_bd posted this 01 December 2015

I have posted some Pictures of the two World Heritage sites of Bangladesh with some comments.But curiously enough No body took a Care about my comments about the danger of these two sites.Some Non Professional personals are being financially at the cost of these two important Historical sites.I don't know how to aware the Public and the Government about this destruction of the Natinal Properties of the country.

Post Edited 01 December 2015

milu_bd 3 Posts 11 Karma
milu_bd posted this 01 December 2015

Is there any result for commenting abou any Archaeological sites?


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